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Auditions: "Stick Fly"

By Lydia R. Diamond

Director: Jeannette Rainey

Dates and Times of Audition:
Mon., July 18 - 7:00pm
Tues., July 19 - 7:00pm
Wed., July 20 - 7:00pm

Or by special appointment, e-mail with available times.


See - Auditions will be in the Generic Theater performance space underneath Chrysler Hall, accessible through the Little Hall in the lower level of the Scope parking garage.  You can park in the garage ($3 fee after 6pm) or use the stairway through the red door to the right of the Chrysler Hall box office. If you have any problems finding us, please text 757-339-6128 or 757-714-2343.

PARKING ADVISORY: The Scope garage now charges for parking at night, so be prepared to spend $3, or do as we do and park free on Bute Street and walk across the street. Parking Map


Rehearsals are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings from 6:30pm - 9:30pm, and Saturdays from 10:00am - 3:00pm. Not all characters are called for all rehearsals, but actors should be prepared to be available.

Tech week, requires all cast and crew the following dates/times:
Saturday, Aug. 20th, 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Sunday, Aug. 21st, 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Monday, Aug. 22nd, 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Wednesday, Aug. 24th 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Thursday, Aug. 25th 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Please note any scheduling conflicts on your audition form at auditions or e-mail questions to


August 26 - September 18, 2016
Performances are Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8:00pm, Sunday matinees at 2:30pm.


When the black elite LeVay family opens its house for a weekend visit, they end up airing more than the drapes.

The LeVay sons have invited the women in their lives to meet their parents at their luxurious Martha’s Vineyard summer home. Younger brother Kent, who has struggled to find direction in his life, and has issues getting along with his father, brings his fiancée Taylor, who studies insects for her vocation. Taylor was raised in a lower-middle-class household by a single mother. Unaccustomed to privilege, she is uncomfortable in the LeVays’ home, especially with Cheryl, who is filling in for her mother as the LeVays’ maid. Eldest brother Flip, a successful plastic surgeon and womanizer, brings his new girlfriend, Kimber, who is privileged, white and has spent her life appalled by her status.

Tensions flair as race, class and family become prime conversation topics. When a phone call reveals a family secret, everything unravels. By the end of the weekend, lives have been turned upside-down and a family is left to reassemble the pieces.


Please check in at 7:00pm.

Auditioners will be asked to cold read sides from the script.

If you can't make these audition dates, please e-mail We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.


Taylor - 27. Black. She is fiercely intelligent, and is attuned to the many nuances of modern classism and racism. Taylor, Spoon & Flip’s step-sister, was neglected by her famous father while she and her mother struggled to survive on her single mother’s salary. Her father being a renowned public intellectual, she still has had many opportunities made available to her because of his success. She is not completely comfortable with material wealth, and sometimes feels out of place with the elite.

Kent (Spoon) LeVay – 31, Black. Sensitive and creative. Kent, spent years of college pursuing a law degree, a business degree and a masters in sociology only to decide to become a writer. The youngest son of the privileged LeVay family, Kent has grown up as the only artist in a family of doctors and lawyers.

Cheryl - 18 to 22, Black. Hard-working, ambitious daughter of the family maid.

Flip (Harold LeVay) – 36, Black. Flip is the oldest son and "golden boy" of the privileged LeVay family. He is an established plastic surgeon and revels in casual sexism and traditionally masculine social rituals.

Dad (Joe LeVay) - 58 to 62, Black. A highly respected and wealthy neurosurgeon with a ideal of what ‘achievement’ is. "Dad," the LeVay patriarch, is a well-intentioned man who rules his family with a firm and loving hand.

Kimber - 32. White. Flip’s girlfriend. Kimber is an intelligent woman with a quick wit and sincere warmth. Unlike Taylor, her social status matches that of the LeVays, with, of course, the undeniable privilege of whiteness. She fits in and is comfortable with the elite. Like Taylor, she is concerned with matters of racial and economic inequality.


This is a Non-Equity, non-paid performance role.

If you have questions about the auditions, emaill 


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General Audition FAQs

So you're interested in auditioning and not sure what to expect. Here are some the more common questions we receive. If we do not have the answer to your question here on this website then please send us an email at

Remember the most important thing about auditioning at the Generic Theater is that you have Fun.

Who can audition?  

Ready for this... ANYONE can audition.

Do I need a head shot?  

Headshots and resumes are strongly encouraged.

What should I bring?  

Interested actors are strongly encouraged register for an audition; walk-ins are welcome and will be asked to register. Those pre-registered will be auditioned first. Bring registration confirmation email, your headshot and resume (encouraged but not required), and a list of potential conflicts with you at the determined check-in time.

How do I prepare?  

Electronic scripts are sometimes available for you to peruse; check above. If so, this will provide you an opportunity to get to know and understand the character(s) that you wish to audition for. We also encourage you to do an internet search to better understand the script.

Please contact us using the information in the audition notice if you are interested in perusing a copy of the script.

What should I expect?  

On the first night of auditions, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to give you ample time to complete a short questionaire. The questionaire is designed to let our directors get to know you and your acting strengths.

Upon completing the questionaire, you will be asked to wait in a designated waiting area until you are called into the theater to meet the director. The director may choose to speak with you one-on-one or with a small groups. You will 'cold read' samples taken from the script. You may be asked to read multiple times with different groups of actors. For musicals or plays containing singing, you will be asked to provide a vocal sample; check above for details.

Auditions typically run for two days with a third day reserved for call backs, or in some cases for three days with a weekend callback. Call backs require additional readings from the script and may involve other actors.

This is a mere guideline into what you may expect during an audition. Auditions are conducted by the director, so dates and times may fluctuate. Please check the website or call the theater for the current dates and times of the production you wish to participate.

The only hard rule we have at the Generic Theater is have FUN.

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