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The Generic Theater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enriching and educating the community through the performing arts.

All contributions to the Generic are tax-deductible and support this vital mission.

For information about what is needed and why, please see below.

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Works of art are not passive reflections of economic, social or political conditions. They actively enable a society, or group within society, to accomplish various goals that could not otherwise be obtained.
—Corinne D’Antonio

Where do donations go?

  • Production costs (sets, costumes, props, supplies, etc)
  • Equipment and rentals (lights, computers, software, mixer boards, microphones, etc)
  • Administrative costs (bank/accounting services, office equipment, phone/Internet service, etc)
  • Educational programs (discussion panels, theater conferences, GT for Kids)
  • Building upkeep and improvement
  • Rent
  • Artist/technician honoraria
  • Much more!

What is needed for the future?

  • Improved lighting and signage (so you don’t get lost anymore!)
  • Paid staff positions
  • Lobby and entrance beautification
  • Publicity resources (for advertising and promotion)
  • Upgrades for aging electrical and lighting equipment
  • Improved community outreach
  • Tools for set construction
  • Security precautions against theft and damage
  • Curtains and carpeting

Suggested donations:

  • $25: Helps pay monthly web hosting and online services
  • $50: Keeps the Internet on for another month
  • $100: Pays for a costume rental to upgrade our production quality
  • $250: Can afford us a skilled technician for an entire show!
  • $500: Underwrites new materials for an entire production’s set construction
  • $1000: Upgrades lighting & signage as a service to all patrons
  • $5000: Helps underwrite an entire production; modernizes the theater’s equipment; raises production quality across an entire season; funds publicity, education and outreach
  • $10000+: Secures the long-term growth of the theater into a defining cultural organization for our region
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