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Directing at the Generic

Directors are selected and/or approved by the Generic Theater’s Artistic Team.

To be considered for directing at the Generic, please email the A-Team at artisticteam [at] with a resume and expression of interest. If there is a particular upcoming show you are interested in, let us know. If the position is available, we will ask for a follow-up because we’d like to hear about your creative vision for the show. If you simply want to tap us on the shoulder and ask to be considered in general, please still send us a resume and tell us a little about yourself.

A note about our philosophy about directing here at Generic: When it comes to our local artists, we have a twofold mission. First, to provide a space for experienced artists and technicians to craft great theater. Second, to nurture and develop new talent. When making selections, we attempt to balance the two. Whenever we can, we attempt to accomplish both at the same time by providing a mentorship environment.


We have a flexible policy about eligibility for directing, and welcome all inquiries. We do, however, have some basic requirements. We look for people who have at least one (and preferably more) of the following:

  • Experience as an assistant director at Generic or other theaters
  • Experience as a director here or at other theaters
  • Strong record of creative contribution to Generic

Don’t be dissuaded if you haven’t played much at Generic. We welcome new faces with every production. We invite directors from local universities, professional theaters, community theaters, retired Tony winners—anyone with a strong creative voice! Strengthening artistic bonds and forming productive relationships is always our goal.

Depending on our familiarity with your work, it is not uncommon for us to ask a hopeful director to assistant-direct a mainstage show, or to direct a Dog Days summer show, before inviting them to direct mainstage. We do our best to make the best match of director to show, and the better we know your capabilities the better we can do this.

Again, we welcome all inquiries!

Designers and Tech

We LOVE our designers and technicians. Great design and tech are what transform a play into a beautiful experience. At Generic, we welcome set designers, stage managers, costumers, painters, run crew, graphic designers, lighting designers—anyone who has skills or anyone who wants to develop them. We deeply appreciate experienced artists, and we also do our utmost to nurture new talent by putting aspiring artists and technicians side-by-side with accomplished ones, to raise the level of craftsmanship for all. Please contact us at artisticteam [at] to learn more about pitching in — whether as a skilled leader, or as a team member looking to learn. Many of the current Generic ensemble members walked in off the street (sometimes literally) looking to help out. We welcome you to join us!

Acting at the Generic

The Generic Theater has been home to many of the great area performances over the past three decades, and expects many more to come. Almost every show has an open audition. Sign up to receive audition notices and watch our Facebook page (and Like us) for information about upcoming auditions. We post times, dates, show details, and other audition details. All actors are welcome to participate.

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